The Keto Diet Plan for Women Over 50

Keto for women over 50 can help middle-aged women lose weight and boost their metabolism.
Keto for women over 50 can help middle-aged women lose weight and boost their metabolism.

Shedding weight and getting back in shape is a challenge that millions of us face on a regular basis, but it is one that is significantly more difficult for women in their 50s, 60s, and beyond. Our metabolism naturally slows down as we get older, making it more difficult to lose weight. The ketogenic diet can help boost your metabolism, thus making weight loss more likely. Women over the age of 50 who follow the ketogenic diet see significant improvements in both their weight reduction and metabolic health.

It’s fair if you might want to learn all the specifics of the diet before switching to keto. Why is it harder to lose weight as you get older? Who might benefit from the keto diet? How can you start eating fewer carbs to stay fit? We will cover these questions asked by many women in their 50s.

The ketogenic diet, also frequently referred to as the “keto diet,” calls for a radical change from the typical American diet. Cereals, grains, bread, and some fruits and veggies are off-limits on this diet due to the high levels of carbs they contain. Keto entails a high-fat and low-carb diet, meaning you’ll have to work around your usual meals to make them keto-friendly, consume more healthy fats, and abstain from processed foods. However difficult it may sound, no worries – we’ve got you covered. 

Is Keto Good for Women Over 50? 

Most women have perimenopause symptoms in their late 40s or early 50s. A woman may experience hot flashes, nocturnal sweats, decreased libido, mood swings, irregular menstruation, trouble sleeping, and weight gain at this time.

Weight distribution changes during menopause. Women’s bodies may start storing body fat around their tummy instead of their thighs and buttocks. Researchers attribute this change to estrogen levels dropping. Keto is useful for women over 50 to control this sudden increase in weight gain and excess fat.

Muscle gain and maintenance become more challenging after women reach the age of 50, largely due to hormonal changes. Age-related declines in estrogen levels are a particular phenomenon that affects women.

So, does keto work for women over 50? Menopause and growing older are two things that the keto diet won’t prevent in women. But, it will undoubtedly aid them in losing weight. If ladies over 50 feel that they can handle the keto diet without any health difficulties springing up, then only they should consider it. They should visit their doctors and nutrition specialists for help.

Keto Diet for Women Over 50: 5 Tips to Get Started

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1. Learn more about keto 

Knowledge is power and learning as much as you can about a diet before you actually try it is highly recommended. Take your time to read through different blogs and scientific evidence, or just ask your doctor everything you would like to know about the keto diet and how it can help you lose weight.

2. Consult your doctor

The keto diet restricts your carb intake, forcing your body to get into ketosis – a state when your body starts burning fat for energy. It’s effective in treating some health conditions and losing weight, but it also has contraindications. This makes it necessary to talk to a licensed healthcare provider before committing to this weight loss method.  

3. Get a meal plan

The ketogenic lifestyle is completely different from any other diet, and it imposes a lot of restrictions on your daily life. Having to keep in mind all the new rules when going grocery shopping can feel truly overwhelming. 

Whereas it’s much easier when you have a keto meal plan prepared for you. That’s where the Keto Cycle app can make your keto journey easier. The app database comprises more than 10,000 recipes and a meal planner. You can make your grocery list in advance and avoid the struggle of choosing the right keto meals every day. 

4. Build a community (or just join one)

When we do not have any social support, it is a great deal more difficult for us to make adjustments. If you want your friends and family to support you on your path toward ketosis, let them know about the change you are making in your lifestyle and see if anyone else wants to join you.

You might also try reaching out to others who are part of online keto communities if your friends and family aren’t yet on board with keto. There, you will find thousands of ladies who are more than willing to assist you through each stage of the process.

5. Prepare for the “keto flu” 

Soon after you start your ketogenic diet, you are likely to experience a set of negative but short-lived symptoms referred to as the “keto flu.” They are caused by the shift your body makes from burning glucose to burning fat for its energy needs. 

The symptoms you might experience include headaches, brain fog, constipation, insomnia, and nausea. So don’t freak out in case you notice any of these – they are a part of the process. There is no magical cure for the symptoms, just drink plenty of water, eat keto-friendly fruits and vegetables, and keep up with your plan. 

Keto Diet for Women Over 50: 10 Ways to Make It Work 

Once you’ve made a decision to commit to this diet after looking into its specifics and contraindications, you might still need some guidance. The following 10 tips will help you make the transition as smooth as possible and achieve the best results while following the keto diet.

#1 Reduce your carb intake

Keto is a low-carb diet, and it needs to be maintained carefully. But after you’ve been on the keto diet for a while, carbs could start to sneak back in. Generally speaking, this takes the shape of nuts, fruits, and sauces.

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You should measure your daily carbohydrate consumption and reduce it to no more than 30–50 grams of net carbohydrates. Avoid processed foods that are high in carbohydrates, such as pastries, bagels, waffles, and breakfast cereals.

#2 Watch your protein intake

It becomes more difficult to maintain muscle as you age. Soon after you turn 30, your body starts to gradually lose lean muscle mass, especially if you are inactive. Sarcopenia, a condition marked by progressive muscle loss, is a key contributor to age-related disability.

Consuming enough protein can help stop sarcopenia. Why? Mainly because leucine, one of the amino acids found in protein, serves as the foundation for the synthesis of new muscle. 

#3 Start resistance training and get active

Protein alone is insufficient to preserve lean mass. Resistance training is also essential. The equation for maintaining muscle looks something like this: high protein keto diet with enough physical exercise. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. A straightforward yet efficient regimen is to perform walking, jogging, push-ups, assisted pull-ups, and a few air squats each week. The slowing metabolism makes the body store fat, and regular exercise can stimulate your metabolism and, thus, help you burn more body fat. 

Even if exercise doesn’t trigger weight reduction, it’s an essential part of maintaining a healthy weight because the body burns fat. Numerous studies have shown that regular exercise is associated with greater success in both weight loss and maintenance.

#4 Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is a major factor in weight gain if people drink a lot due to it having many calories. A drink of beer or wine every now and then doesn’t hurt. However, excessive drinking hinders weight loss.

Alcohol causes your body’s metabolic priorities to shift. When the body is metabolizing alcohol, other chemical processes are put on hold. This is due to the body’s desire to eliminate acetate, a poisonous alcohol byproduct. Alcohol abuse is harmful, and even more so when following a keto diet.

#5 Track your diet for 1–2 months

Consuming fewer calories and eating healthy fats is widely considered to be the best strategy for weight loss. But being extreme with it can cause negative long-term effects and be detrimental to overall wellness for women. On the other hand, our bodies will store fat if we consume more than we need to, regardless of how drastically we cut back on carbohydrates.

For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to develop an increased awareness of what you consume and what your metabolism requires in order to get ideal results.

#6 Electrolytes

Even though it’s important to stay hydrated and drink water while on the keto diet, many people neglect to replenish their electrolyte stores. Your neurological system, energy levels, and fluid balance depend on electrolytes, including potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and chloride. You shouldn’t overlook them. To keep electrolytes in check, keep an eye on your thirst. Drink when you feel thirsty. Drink every 2 hours minimum to keep the fluid in your body moving. 

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Keto dieters should be very wary of their sodium intake. Ketogenic whole-food diets not only include very low sodium, but they also produce significant salt loss through urine. Always remember to have a pinch of salt close by.

#7 Prioritize sleep and stress-reduction

Lack of sleep can sabotage our best intentions. It can increase the possibility of untimely food consumption. The same problems can be caused by persistent mental stress, which also makes it harder to sleep well and cope with PMS and menopause symptoms. Poor sleep and prolonged stress may be the cause of your history of weight gain and health struggles.

Here are some recommendations for how to get better rest and cope with stress:

  • Get some shut-eye in a calm, dark room with a suitable temperature.
  • If you can’t make your room completely dark and quiet, try using earplugs and a face mask.
  • After sundown, try to limit your exposure to screens and the blue light they emit.
  • Maintain a consistent sleep-wake schedule.
  • Avoid caffeine after lunchtime.
  • Don’t rely on marijuana, alcohol, or over-the-counter sleep aids.
  • Expose yourself to sunshine first thing in the morning.
  • Engage in regular physical activity

#8 Design your food environment for better results

The consumption of keto foods should be made as easy as possible. Only buy the foods that are in the diet plan and refrain from buying junk or unhealthy foods. If you do this, you can improve the odds of making better decisions in the future. Especially when you are under a lot of pressure or when you are hungry, weary, or exhausted.

#9 Check out intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that involves switching between eating and fasting windows. Instead of restricting what you eat, it restricts when you eat.

For most people, the weight loss benefits of IF are self-evident. Shortening the time between meals can help you consume fewer calories and shed some pounds. This holds true for both genders, as demonstrated by several studies. In addition, decreasing the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease, controlling blood sugar, increasing longevity (through autophagy), and decreasing inflammation are further possible benefits of IF.

Intermittent fasting and the keto diet go pretty well together. So once you feel comfortable with your low-carb diet, give it a try!

#10 Prioritize long-term success and set goals that are realistic

Anyone wanting to lose weight should set reasonable and reachable goals. People tend to set unrealistic weight goals and eventually get disappointed at failing to achieve perfection. Usually, these goals have no bearing on how they are feeling or how to get there.

Instead of considering how losing weight will affect their overall health, most women focus on how they want to look. However, it is self-destructive to only focus on the number you see on the scale. Set reasonable weight loss goals.

You should stop stepping on the scale every day if that is your habit. Try to see past the scale. Instead, pay attention to your positive attitude, the number of inches you’ve lost around your waist, and the way your clothes fit. 

Food List for Keto Eating for Women Over 50 

To lose weight, a middle-aged woman is required to follow a lean diet that emphasizes whole foods rather than processed ones. Meat, fish, eggs, low-carb cheese, vegetables, and a little fruit a day is a great foundation for a healthy diet.

Seeds, nut butter, oils, nuts, and low-carb or no-sugar dairy products are all good options for supplementing your diet when you need to consume more calories. Millions of Americans, including many over the age of 50, have found success adhering to a low-carb diet rich in healthy fats.

Cheese Nuts
Yogurt Dairy
Eggs Vegetables
Moderate amount of
meat and seafood
Edible seeds


Fruit* Starchy foods, whole grains,
and refined grains
Beans and other legumes Processed foods**

*NOTE: because of the high nutritional value contains; however, berries may be acceptable in small amounts.
**NOTE: microwave-ready meals, fast food, packaged food, breakfast cereals.

Keto Recipes for Women Over 50

There are many different types of recipes you can find on the internet that are keto-friendly. You can even find vegan-friendly recipes that can be eaten on the keto diet. This list of recipes for women over 50 is just an example to demonstrate that keto can be not only healthy but also delicious.

1. Egg Wrap with Mozzarella and Ham

Egg Wrap with Mozzarella and Ham

You already have 101 ways to prep eggs? Here’s one more to your collection – tailored to perfection. Try out this duet of ham and mozzarella topped with fresh greens. The best part about this recipe is that you can switch a few filling ingredients and have another brand-new recipe to try out.

2. Salmon Pie with Cauliflower Mash

Salmon Pie with Cauliflower Mash

It is one of those dishes where you look and think it took hours to make, where, in fact, it’s an easy and delicious family meal.

It’s not boring – it’s exciting, delicious, and keto-friendly! Silky cauliflower mash will win your heart from the first bite. Moreover, it’s 

3. Cherry Tomato and Pesto Salad

Cherry Tomato and Pesto Salad

Could we call it an Italian dream? Try it yourself with this incredibly easy-to-make cherry tomato and pesto salad. Make it as a light lunch or dinner, or simply serve it next to some nice piece of fish for a family gathering.

4. Creamy Tomato Soup With Bacon

Creamy Tomato Soup with Bacon

Creamy, simply delicious, and packed with flavor. It’s a keto-friendly meal! Bacon and parmesan toppings make it so satisfying. Double the recipe to feed a larger group of friens; let’s introduce them to a delicious keto.

5. Shakshuka With Spinach and Egg

Shakshuka with Spinach and Egg

Gently poached eggs make shakshuka super popular around the world. Try this amazingly looking variation with lots of greens – the source of so many essential fibers.

Keto for Women Over 50: Can the Keto Cycle App Help? 

Keto Cycle is a keto diet program that is accessible from your phone. Studies show that people who follow the “smarter way to keto” strategy are up to 39% more likely to achieve weight loss success than those who don’t. Also, the research supporting the efficacy of this diet plan shows that 87.3% of those who have used the Keto Cycle app to lose weight have succeeded.

The Keto Cycle app is a cutting-edge health program that generates a custom ketogenic eating plan for each individual based on their age, body weight, medical background, and dietary preferences.

How is it different from the standard ketogenic diet? The app is extremely flexible (users may choose from over 10,000 meals), and it is made to get you into a fat-burning state of ketosis. This new type of keto strategy eliminates the need to keep detailed food diaries. The traditional ketogenic diet is simplified and made more effective by this individualized, computer-generated keto plan.

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It’s important for women over 50 to check with their doctors before starting the ketogenic diet to be sure it’s safe for them. Keto is not for everyone because it requires a major lifestyle change. Don’t just go in without giving it some serious thought and planning.

Nonetheless, if you are battling with weight gain, excessive blood sugar, chronic inflammation, or other issues associated with aging, the research suggests that keto may be worth exploring.

Experiment for a month. Consider how the low-carb diet affects your body, keep the preceding suggestions in mind, and make any necessary changes. Use the app if you need guidance, and give this article another read to make sure you don’t forget anything. We hope you have a pleasant experience losing weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best keto diet app for women over 50?

Countless people’s efforts to stick to their diets and exercise schedules have been aided by the widespread availability of apps. The Keto Cycle app, which has recently gained a lot of traction among followers of the ketogenic diet, comes highly recommended.

Is the keto diet good for a 50-year-old woman, and does it really work?

The keto diet won’t stop women from going through menopause or getting older. However, it will surely help them with their weight loss. To be clear, the keto diet should only be considered by women over the age of 50 who have no health issues contraindicated with the keto diet. If you have a history of eating disorders, keto might not be a good option for you. Seek advice from your doctor to find out if it’s suitable for you.

Where to find a keto food list and recipes for women over 50?

The internet is full of keto-friendly recipes for any taste. However, having all the recipes and meal plans in one place is much more convenient. The Keto Cycle database includes more than 10,000 recipes, and we recommend you try them.

Is keto the best diet for women over 50?

There’s no such thing as the best diet since we are all different, and most diets have their own contraindications. However, if you’ve got your doctor’s approval that keto is safe for you, it has the chance of becoming your best option. 

Where to find the best keto diet plans for women over 50?

Find out everything there is to know about keto diet plans for women over 50 in this article and on the Keto Cycle app. 

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